I was recently featured in the January 2015 issue of the Daily Freeman's Hudson Valley Healthy Lifestyles:

There are times when Olivia Grimsland allows herself to slip into the moment of a special childhood fantasy. Unlike for most people though, those moments don’t come during a restful dream. Instead, for the 28-year-old fitness guru, those fantasies manifest themselves during waking hours – by necessity – and usually when she is using one hand to do a push up or to balance herself parallel to the floor on a kettlebell. You know, the kinds of things that say, circus acrobats do. 
“That’s what I wanted to be when I was  younger, a circus performer,” laughed Grimsland, who teaches yoga and CrossFit at the Kingston’s Athletics gym. “I was obsessed with it and learning things like how to balance on one hand or one foot was for me,  kind of a smaller version of being an acrobat. “I think when you find yourself doing things you thought you couldn't do, it’s empowering.”

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Special thanks to Cheryl Nekos, Wes Goldstein and Tamme Stitt Photography.