If one quote could help define my yoga journey with Olivia it would be this one:  I had dabbled in practicing yoga before, but until practicing with Olivia I had never fully understood what yoga could do, both for the body and for the soul.  My life outside of yoga moves at 100 MPH.  Sometimes I am moving so fast that I forget to pause once in a while and just enjoy the moment.   After starting to practice with Olivia I began to see how important it is to just be in the moment and have begun to carry that over into the rest of my life.  


Olivia’s kind, quiet, and inspirational teaching style allows even the most inexperienced yogi to feel like she is making progress with each passing class.  Olivia understands the importance of making yoga work for the individual.  As a beginner yogi, she always made modifications that helped me to lay the foundations for a higher level of practice.  This approach makes yoga exactly what it should be, a relaxing, mind-clearing, face-the-day-with-a-smile experience.  Practicing with Olivia has not only helped me to see the importance of setting goals, but has also helped me to become someone who is taking time to enjoy the journey toward meeting them.

-- Kate